New Reports from and Shed Light on 3Q-2019 Domain Sales

New Reports from and Shed Light on 3Q-2019 Domain Sales Activity




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New Reports
from and Shed Light on 3Q-2019
Domain Sales Activity

domain name brokerage
has released their latest
quarterly report
covering 3Q-2019
(.PDF file), detailing their
observations of activity in several
high value categories of the premium
domain sales market

report focuses primarily on domain sales in the following categories:
1-4 Numbers, 1-3
, 2 Characters and English dictionary one-word .com
domains. For LLL .com domains,
Guta only reports sales made from or to the
Chinese market. Chinese
investors are especially well known
as buyers of the kinds of domains
Guta specializes in with the
exception of the one-word domains
that, as you would expect, are more
often sold in English speaking
markets. With offices in both the
and China, Guta
serves buyers and sellers in both
the eastern and western hemispheres.

Hong Founder & CEO

In Q3-2019,
Guta found that Investors and
end-users generally bought more
domain names
than in Q1 or Q2 of
2019. The report stated, “As
revealed in seven quarters since
2018, the trading volume of NNN
.com, NL/ and one-word English
dictionary .com domains all set
new records
while sales of NNNN
.com domains reached their
third-highest level in that time
frame. The sales count of LL .com
reached its highest point in 2019.
The only sector underperforming was
LLL .com, reflecting the continued
low interest in LLL .com domains
among Chinese buyers.”

report also noted, “over
of the one-word
dictionary .com
were sold to end-users.
Comparing that with Q2 2019,
the end-user purchase rate
almost doubled in Q3
2019.”  Guta also
reported, “A
significant portion of the
sales of NNN .com, NNNN .com
and NL/LN .com were
transacted within the
Chinese market. The
circulation rate of numeric
domains in the Chinese
market has far exceeded that
of any other market.”

notes above barely scratch the
service of the full 11-page
that you can get here.

got another view
of  Q3-2019
sales of similar domains
release of their latest
quarterly Liquid
Domains Overview

(LXDO), that is presented in
an infographic format. 
Lisbon, Portugal based
GGRG’s LXDO incorporates
sales information from
different sources than Guta
(including information from
and their focus is fully on
short acronyms (letters) and
numeric domains. The two
complementary reports
provide the best currently
available overview of what
is happening in the high end
short .com domain category
(a group GGRG collectively
refers to as “liquid

Q3-2019 edition of LXDO
noted that
reported $69.3 million
in sales for the most recent
quarter and $14.1 million
of that came from liquid
domains, indicating that
category account for about 20%
of Escrow’s sales volume.
You will also find liquidation values for the most traded
categories and additional
data based on $5.6
in publicly
reported sales (across 2,890
disclosed transactions.
There is also an interesting
performance comparison with global asset markets, including

November 19, 2019)

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