New GGRG Report Breaks Down Over $19 Million in Liquid Domain Sales
Closed in Q4-2019

New GGRG Report Breaks Down Over $19 Million in Liquid Domain Sales Closed in Q4-2019
has released their latest quarterly Liquid
Domains Overview
covering the 4th quarter of 2019.
These reports break down aftermarket
sales results for short .com
comprised of 2-4
letters, 2-5 numbers and a
combination of 2-3 characters mixing
letters and numbers. Collectively,
GGRG refers to domains that fit
those parameters as liquid
because there are almost
always buyers (at least at the
wholesale level) for them. As in all
markets, prices fluctuate for these
closely-followed domains, of course,
which is why GGRG developed the LXDO
to track those price movements
and give you the most current
information available on how these
domains are currently being valued.

This is
the 14th edition of the LXDO that
the Lisbon, Portugal based domain
brokerage and consulting firm
founded by Giuseppe Graziano
has published. It includes data
collected from a variety of public
sources as well as cumulative
private data contributed by
The report is presented in
infographic format for easy
consumption of the information.

The latest
begins with a
brief overview page that, for
Q4-2019, shows the total dollar
for publicly reported
liquid domain sales jumped to nearly
$7.3 million, a rise of over
from the previous quarter.
However that news is tempered by
seeing total liquid domain sales dip
at to about $12.2
(individual domain sales
information is not released by but they do their
cumulative sales total for these

GGRG Founder

main page overview is just the tip
of the iceberg though. To get the
more detailed information from the nine
individual sub-categories
two-letter .coms, three-letter
.coms, etc) be sure you don’t
overlook the Menu row
at the top
of the main
LXDO page
that has
abbreviated links that will take you
to each section. Those are shown as:

(there are also links to

information and
on the same row). The entire liquid
domains universe, as defined by
GGRG, totals just 614,298
domains, a relative scarcity that
contributes to the investment value
of these domains.

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