New Report Shows Domain Sales Rebounding 
From 4Q-2018

New Report Shows Domain Sales Rebounding From 4Q-2018

details on individual sales
(to protect the privacy of buyers
and sellers who use their platform) does compile data on total
transacted on their
platform that provides a great deal
of insight into the current
health of the domain market

The new
Q1-2019 report
file) disclosed that’s
total domain sales (including
domains with and without content) in
the most recent quarter produced
over $85 million in sales.
That is a 10.4% jump over the
$77 million recorded in the
previous quarter as well a solid
increase year over year.
also reported their sales of
developed websites reached an all
time high
as domains with
content hit $15.2 million in
Q1-2019. In terms of median prices, said their median
domain name sale
held steady at $2,500
while their median developed
website sale
price rose to $9,800.
also broke out sales results
geographically, noting, ” the United States still leads the way in total transaction
value but Canada was among
the biggest gainers. In the U.S.
total domain sales (with and without
content) jumped from $55.6
in 4Q-2018 to $62
in 1Q-2019 – an 11.5%
. That is particularly
impressive because the 4th quarter
has historically been a strong one
for domain sales. Canada moved past
the United Kingdom into the
#2 slot with $9.16 million
vs. the UK’s $8.58 million).
Meanwhile, the China boom
continue to recede. After hitting a
high point of $18.4 million
in Q2-2018 China sales were down to $5.8
in Q1-2019.

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