NamesCon Online Agenda Features Over 50 Sessions Spread Across 3 Days
Next Month

NamesCon Online Agenda Features Over 50 Sessions Spread Across 3 Days Next Month

full agenda

has been released for NamesCon
, a 3-day
virtual conference
that is
coming up September 9-11, 2020.
The current Covid-19 pandemic
forced NamesCon to make this
edition of their popular show an online-only
but that doesn’t mean
they will be cutting any content
corners. If anything, it looks
like they are turning the volume up,
with over
50 sessions
four tracks, a live domain
, online networking
and visits to a virtual Exhibit
all being shoehorned into
a 72-hour sprint. 


It all gets
underway at 11am (U.S. Eastern daylight time) on Wednesday, September 9 with
a Welcome Session featuring NamesCon President & CEO Soeren
Von Varchmin
and conference moderators Bill Sweetman, Christa
, Braden Pollock and Michael Cyger. Bill &
Christa will stay over to explain how to get the most out of the platform
and network before the first business session begins at 11:30am. Opening day
will proceed through 14 different sessions held across three tracks – the Keynote
, Breakout Hall and Americas Track

On Thursday
(Sept. 10)  a fourth track focused on South Asia will
start running. All told 17 business sessions are scheduled Thursday
(including one at 11:30am Eastern when Giuseppe Graziano of
will be joining me to talk about the State of the Domain Industry
. That will be a timely topic with the show’s live
domain auction
, power by GoDaddy, following just
a couple of hours later at 1:30pm (US EDT). 

addition to being the final day, Friday (Sept. 11) looks like it
will also be the busiest, with 20 sessions spread across the four
tracks. As will be the case every day, the Friday sessions will be
wide ranging
, covering everything from domain monetization to
marijuana and 

domains to appraisals and how to guard against an economic downfall.
These sessions will feature dozens on well-known industry
experts (the speakers for each session are listed under the session
title on the agenda

President and CEO Soeren von Varchmin
speaking at the 
NamesCon Global
conference held in Austin, Texas
pre-pandemic in January.

We are all
navigating a new world right now and even though there will no hugs or
shaking hands online, NamesCon Online is determined to deliver the same kind
of enriching educational experience they always have to help you succeed in
this business. The virtual model will also make it possible for far more
people to attend as the financial barrier has largely been removed
While it typically costs hundreds of dollars to attend an in-person event
(thousands when you add in the cost of travel and lodging), NamesCon Online
is a true bargain with a standard registration
fee of just $59 – and if you have never been to a NamesCon event
before you can register free!  Hope to see you all (virtually
speaking) there!

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