Merger of i2Coalition & The Domain Name Association Creates Powerful
Internet Infrastructure Advocacy Group

Merger of i2Coalition & The Domain Name Association Creates Powerful Internet Infrastructure Advocacy Group

Infrastructure Coalition

Domain Name Association

(The DNA)
have joined forces
to create a powerful combination
that will amplify the voice
of  the companies that build the Internet’s
foundational infrastructure. The
combined entity will operate under
the i2Coalition banner.

i2Coalition formed in 2012 and
quickly became  the leading
voice for web hosting companies,
data centers, domain registrars
and registries, cloud
infrastructure providers, managed
services providers and related
tech. The DNA was established in
2014 as  a nonprofit global
business association that
represents the interests of the
domain name industry. The newly
combined organization 
becomes the largest Internet
infrastructure advocacy group in

North America. It will
maintain the i2Coalition’s
existing organizational and
management structure with T
DNA being represented by two
members on the Board of Directors.
A DNA-branded 

working group will
also be created to continue to advance the DNA’s mission to protect
and empower businesses and individuals with education and engagement that
underscores the importance, benefits and opportunities of domain names.


The strategic alliance that takes
effect on July 28, 2020 will enables access to an expanded
set of resources and economies of scale that will allow the
collective to mount more far-reaching and expansive campaigns to
ensure policy doesn’t impede growth, knowledge and access to the
Internet and its resources. Effective upon the close of the merger,
the new DNA working group within the i2Coalition’s existing
construct will be implemented with a formation meeting scheduled
within 30 days.

, Co-Founder of the i2Coalition, said “The
merger of our organizations underpins the mission of both the DNA
and the i2Coalition, combining our mutual dedication to Internet
industry best practices and policies to empower continued growth.
Combined, we represent over 100 organization members and
their online business interests.”

Statton Hammock, founding DNA Board
member and current Board Secretary noted, “The mission of the DNA has
always been to spread awareness, promote growth, offer resources and
facilitate communication about innovation and value in the Internet domain
name space. Our mission aligns well with that of the i2Coalition, and I look
forward to remaining part of the new organization and to creating an even
larger impact.”

, Chairwoman for the i2Coalition, added,  “Domain
names are a key part of the growth of the Internet infrastructure, and the
i2Coalition is excited to become an enabler for the great work the DNA is
accomplishing in this sphere. We’re excited to collaboratively foster a
healthy domain environment with universal acceptance of non-traditional
domains and provide access to expertise and resources that help address
issues facing the domain name industry.”

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