ICA/WIPO Public Webinar Wednesday to Address WhoIs Chaos Created By GDPR

ICA/WIPO Public Webinar Wednesday to Address WhoIs Chaos Created By GDPR

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Public Webinar Wednesday to Address WhoIs Chaos
Created By GDPR 

involved in the domain business
knows how difficult it has become to
get accurate domain ownership
information with the advent of the European
Union’s General
Data Protection Regulation
In many cases, the new privacy initiative
has resulted in a domain owner’s
contact information being completely
hidden, creating problems for
registry operators, registrants,
investors, attorneys, journalists
and researchers among others.


everyone looking for answers the Internet
Commerce Association

will be hosting a public webcast Wednesday,
July 10
starting at 1pm
U.S. Eastern Time that will feature Michael
and Frank Cona,
who have developed  the “WIPO
” for post-GDPR access to
non-public Whois data. Michael and
Frank will make a presentation and
also answer questions any questions
you may have. Registration
is now open here

and Frank presented their model
at ICANN65 in Marrakesh,
and the open webinar will provide an
opportunity to learn more about it. The
presentation of the model is
expected to be about 30 minutes
long, followed by a Q&A and
comments session. 

You will be able to find out if the WIPO
Universal Access Model
provides WhoIs access:

  • To
    secondary marketplaces and
    escrow services for verification
    and compliance?

  • To
    brokers, agents, journalists,
    and researchers for due
    diligence, investigation, and
    acquisition purposes?

  • To
    IP, domain name, and business
    lawyers for domain name disputes
    and transactions; and 

  • Are there
    benefits for registrant
    identification purposes, domain
    name portfolio management, and
    accessing registrar services?

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