ICA Names 9 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominees 
at NamesCon 2020

ICA Names 9 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominees at NamesCon 2020

are the nine nominees for the 2020
Lonnie Borck Memorial Award (listed
alphabetically by first name), along
with a comment made by the first
person to nominate that person for
the award:

“He provides a lot of valuable
information through his daily news
and interviews with industry
participants. Such knowledge is made
freely available to enable anyone
willing to learn to become a better
domain investor.” 


“As one of the first domain
name lawyers, has always helped
those in need.”


“Barbara has been a key
organizer of domain conferences
going back to the first TRAFFIC show
in 2004. She created a sense of
community, and more than that,
family, at the conferences. In an
industry where barely anyone knew
each other, Barbara was often the
first person from the industry that
domain investors would meet and she
made sure you felt welcomed. Barbara
created a sense of community
throughout 10 years of TRAFFIC
shows, that were often held two
or three times per year, and at The
Domain Conference and Merge shows
that followed. Ron Jackson published
a great profile of Barbara that
highlights her importance to the domain
name community – http://www.dnjournal.com/cover/2016/july-august.htm


“Donna built Domain Boardroom
into a strong community of domain
investors. Under Donna’s
leadership and oversight, DBR has
become a great venue for sharing,
learning, and discussing domain
names with friends and colleagues.”


“His advice always valuable and
he keeps abreast of the domain
investing. Also he has participated
in the Pan-Mass Challenge, helping
to raise funds and awareness for
Dana-Farber Cancer



“Marco Schmidt’s ExpiredDomains.net
domain name search tool is an
invaluable resource for all domain
name investors. Mr. Schmidt humbly
works behind the scenes without
accolades, continuously
updating and improving his
tool, providing the picks and axes
to those investors mining for domain
name gold. And, Mr. Schmidt offers
his tool for free, without charge
or subscription fee. He is an unsung
hero of the industry!


“Having been in the industry
for 7 years, I can wholeheartedly
recommend Michael for this award.
With his DomainSherpa videos, he has
opened up the closed and secret
society of the privileged few
to the entire world. In his hundreds
of respectful and thorough videos,
he makes everyone accessible, using
his positive, caring and
community-building demeanor. There
is no one that has done more to
bring people together and create a community in
this industry.”


“Monte set the bar for
registrar and domain marketplace
services designed for domainers.
From the early days of Moniker.com
to his continuing facilitation of
live domain auctions, Monte has
been indispensable to bringing the
community together and establishing
high standards of customer service
and problem solving.


“Ron has been tirelessly
tracking and reporting on the
industry and its players for over 15
years. In addition, his tracking of
publicly-listed domain sales has
been essential for showcasing
the value of premium domain names to
the general public.”

to all of the nominees!

October 17, 2019) 

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