’s Latest Quarterly Report on Premium Domain Sales Provides
Insight Into 1Q-2019 Market Activity’s Latest Quarterly Report on Premium Domain Sales Provides Insight Into 1Q-2019 Market Activity

a domain brokerage firm that has
established itself as a bridge
between the Western and Chinese
domain communities, launched
a new quarterly Premium Domain
Sales Observation Report.

The free publication
includes valuable information for
anyone interested in selling to or
buying from the Chinese
market.  Guta’s
bilingual Founder & CEO George
maintains homes and offices
in both the U.S. and China
which has put him and his staff in
the middle of many high end sales
between and within the two nations.  

just released their latest
covering the 1st
quarter of  2019
.  The
quarter was a mixed bag with some
categories reaching new highs while
others cooled after being red hot a
year ago. The report summary noted
that strong demand from end-users,
especially those involved with the cryptocurrency
market, resulted in a number of rare
two-letter .com domains
selling for big prices in 2018. However,
Guta said, “from the last
five quarters
of data we have collected, we
have noticed a consistent decline in the sales of LL .com
domains. It is not a coincidence
that the market conditions for cryptocurrency
changed from bull market to bear market
in 2018 and the cryptocurrency winter continues into Q1


Founder & CEO,

contrast, Guta found “sales of premium
one-word dictionary domains have generally been
growing steadily over the last
fi ve quarters. More and more global end-users
are purchasing their brand-matched one-word .com domains.
Likely encouraged by publicly reported
high prices for  dictionary
.com names, domain investors have been very actively buying
one-word dictionary .com domains for investment purposes.”

report is also filled with
information on sales in other
popular categories Guta specializes
in, including 3-letter .coms
and short numeric .com domains.
You will find many examples of the
exact prices paid for specific domains
in the new issue that you can read

another domain sales note, I
joined Domain
Name Wire
Andrew Allemann as
his guest on a new DNW
this week. We talked about
the latest sales trends in
the domain aftermarket,
covering all categories – .coms,
ccTLDs and non
.com gTLDs
. We also
discussed the relative
merits of each group as an

The show runs a little over
30 minutes and we pack a lot
into that space that I think
you’ll find interesting, so
check it out!

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