’s 2019 Premium Domain Sales Observation Report Shows Big Jump in
Demand for One-Word .Coms’s 2019 Premium Domain Sales Observation Report Shows Big Jump in Demand for One-Word .Coms

domain brokerage
has released their annual Premium
Domain Sales Observation Report

covering 2019. With offices
in both the U.S. and China,
Guta, founded by CEO George Hong,
has handled millions of dollars
worth of domain sales for clients in
both the Eastern and Western
Hemispheres. Their reports focus primarily
on .com domain sales in these categories:
1-4 Numbers, 1-3
, 2 Characters and
one-word English dictionary domains.
For 3-letter .com domains,
the Guta report includes only those
made to or from the Chinese market
where most of the activity in that
popular category has been centered
in recent years. 

report begins with the rare two-letter
category.  The number
of transactions on that very pricy
playing field increased every quarter
in 2019, starting with just two sold
in 1Q, doubling to four in 2Q,
jumping to 

7 in
3Q, then closing the year with a
bang in 4Q when 11 two-letter
.coms changed hands
. 15 of the
24 two-letter .coms sold last year
went to Chinese buyers. The report
includes the exact price paid for
the sales that were publicly
reported , but most at that
seven-figure level were subject to
non-disclosure agreements.
Founder  & CEO
George Hong

Guta report continues with
similar data breakouts for
the other categories the
brokerage specializes in and
also includes quarterly
of how each
category fared against the
same quarter in the previous
year. That makes it easy to
spot current trends in all
of the popular premium
domain categories. 

category that fared especially
well in 2019 were one-word
English dictionary

domains. The report noted,
“The number of end-user sales of one-word English .com domains,
increased by 71.7% from 2018 to2019. Among the end-user sales was a record-breaking
$30 million domain sale of” 
There is much more detailed
information in the free
report  you can read

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