Breaks Down 2Q-2020 Premium Domain Sales Trends in Their New
Quarterly Report Breaks Down 2Q-2020 Premium Domain Sales Trends in Their New Quarterly Report


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Breaks Down 2Q-2020 Premium Domain
Sales Trends in Their New
Quarterly Report

domain brokerage firm
has released their latest
free  quarterly Premium
Domain Sales Observation Report

(.pdf file) covering the 2nd
quarter of 2020
. With offices
in both the U.S. and China,
Guta, founded by CEO George
, has a perfect vantage
point to see what is happening in
the domain aftermarket in both the
Eastern and Western hemispheres.
Their reports focus primarily on
domain sales in these
categories: 1-4 Numbers, 1-3
, 2 Characters
and one-word English
dictionary domains.

report shows continuing soft
demand for short .com numeric
domains in the Chinese market
(where most buyers in that
category hail from), noting,
“In 2Q-2020 2020, the sales volumes of NN .com, NNN .com, two-character .com remained at
the lowest level since 2018. The sales count of NNNN .com was
down by 31.1% from the previous

acronym domains fared much

better with the 3-letter .com sales count was
up 35.3%, though prices continue to be generally lower than at the
height of the China boom a few years ago. Guta reported that nearly half (11 out of 23) of the sales
they saw came with publicly reported prices, all of which fell in the low
five-figure range. The scarcity of two-letter .com domains kept
prices for that category in line with the previous quarter, with  Chinese buyers
acquiring all of those that were sold.
Founder George Hong

brightest spot, as has been reported from several other sources in
recent months, has been the popularity of one-word English language
domains. Guta reported, “In Q2-2020, the total sales count of one-word English .coms reached the highest amount since
. From among those whose prices were publicly reported, the top
four sales were low six figures with the remaining ones below $100,000. The number of end-user purchases was higher than in Q1 2020 but lower than in Q3 2019 and Q4 2019.
From that Guta surmised that domain investors jumped at opportunities to purchase premium
one-word .com domains at relatively lower prices.

You can read the entire
illuminating report here.


July 27, 2020)


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