GGRG Releases Their Latest Quarterly Report on Short .Com Domain Sales in
an Impressive New Format

GGRG Releases Their Latest Quarterly Report on Short .Com Domain Sales in an Impressive New Format

brokerage & consulting firm

has released their latest quarterly
report on aftermarket sales of
liquid domains, covering the 2nd
quarter of 2019
. GGRG defines
liquid domains  as being very
short .com domains
consisting of
all letters (L) or all numbers (N),
as well as 2 and 3-character (C)
.coms that have a  combination of
letters and numbers (they use the
acronym LXDO as a shorthand
description for the liquid domains
category). GGRG calls these
“liquid” domains because
they are relatively easy to sell at
prevailing market rates.

to this latest report – LXDO Q2

had released the information in a
downloadable .PDF file. In a major
they have now made the
report much more easy to access
and navigate
by posting it on
into a clean new interface located
on the web at


Founder Giuseppe Graziano
said, “As we continually strive to improve our services, it became apparent to us that more and more readers access our websites from mobile devices. Downloading a PDF, then visualizing data on a tiny screen is not a great user experience.
That is why we are proud to announce the
2019 Q2 LXDO with a brand new
look in a report format that
is interactive, sortable by category and, most importantly,
mobile-friendly, presented on a fully responsive website.

of the highlights from the
new report that Giuseppe
cited were:

$8.7 million in sales. 
• Liquidation values for the most traded categories.
3,600 disclosed transactions.
• Performance comparison with global asset markets, including
$5.7 million in publicly reported sales.

navigation tip – when you go to the report
, scroll down and
click the Explore button. On
the next page, across the top, are
links to any section of the report
you want to immediately access – for
example 3-letter .coms or 4 number
domains, as well as an “At a
Glance” summary page,
Historical information and Archives.
GGRG has just made a good thing
even better
, further cementing
the quarterly LXDO report’s position
as an invaluable reference document
for all who are interested in buying
and selling in this popular sector
of the domain market.

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