Early Birds Got NamesCon Global 2020 Off to a Great Start With Pre-Show
Parties Last Night in Austin

Early Birds Got NamesCon Global 2020 Off to a Great Start With Pre-Show Parties Last Night in Austin

companies Sedo
and InterNetX
hosted a packed party at The
on Austin’s 6th
Tuesday night (January
28, 2020). Among those there to
greet to guests (left to right in
the back row) were Sedo’s Brad
, Christian Voss, Michael
and Dave Evanson,
with NamesCon Global attendees Howard
and Barbara Neu
in front. 

the InterNetX team leaders
welcoming guests at their pre-show
party were Marco Hoffman
(left) and Claus Barche.
Marco and Sedo’s Michael Robrock
both provided very insightful
commentary in our annual State
of the Industry Cover Story

that was published Monday. 

Diana Jackson (left) and
Barbara Neu
(3rd from left)
catch up with Josephine Kubba
(2nd from left) and her husband (and
one of the domain world’s nicest
guys) Ammar Kubba

holding court at the bar we found
(left to right) Clifton Steele,
domain attorney Howard Neu, Mark
(.GLOBAL) and, all the
way from India, Aishwin

the same time Tuesday night, just a
block down 6th Street at the San
Jac Saloon
, ParkLogic.com
was hosting an equally enjoying
evening for their clients and
friends. (Left to right) 
ParkLogic Founder Michael Gilmour
and Account Manager Matt Herbert chat
with guests Christina and Christa
. Michael will be kicking
off NamesCon Global 2020 with
a keynote speech this morning
(Wednesday, January 29) at 10:30am.

the evening was winding down, Diana
and Barbara
found a comfortable
place to sit down and re-connect
with long-time friends Michael
(Fabulous.com), at
left, and Brian Gilbert (NameTime.com)
at the ParkLogic party.

morning (Thursday, January 30) we
will have some favorite photos for
you from the opening day and night
at NamesCon Global and will continue
those daily through the close of the
show that runs through Saturday
(February 1). When we are back in
Florida we will be putting together
and publishing a complete wall to
wall wrap-up
of the conference
that will cover every session (and
every evening social event we
attend) during conference

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