Domain Community Rallies Around Donna Adams as the Industry Pioneer Faces
Life Threatening Health Crisis

Domain Community Rallies Around Donna Adams as the Industry Pioneer Faces Life Threatening Health Crisis

has always been a giver by
nature but now she needs a little
help of her own. She’s not the kind
who would ever ask for it, so one of
her friends, Brian Gilbert,
took it upon himself to sound the
alarm, quickly
drawing support from dozens of
others who have been so positively
impacted by Donna over the past two
(or more) decades. Donna was
diagnosed with Pulmonary
several years ago,
the same disease that led Brian’s
late wife, Charlotte (also a
beloved member of the domain
community and one of Donna’s closest
friends) to a heart/lung transplant
and ultimately her untimely
early last year.

Donna needs life-saving surgery
of her own, and she has a chance to
get it at the #1 treatment facility
for this disease in the world. The
problem is there are many expenses
not covered by insurance that are
obstacles that need to be removed
from her path to recovery. So,
yesterday Brian started a GoFundMe
to raise funds
to help cover those expenses. Within
hours, the modest goal of $7,500 had
been surpassed as dozens of donors
rushed to Donna’s aid (a testament
to how many people she has positively
impacted along the way). 

of this writing the total has
crossed $10,000. Still, if you have
ever needed medical care you now how
quickly uncovered costs can spiral
out of control
. For anyone who
can help with a few dollars I would
encourage you to add what you can to
Donna’s account. She already has
more than enough stress on her plate
and not having to worry as much
about mounting expenses will give
her some well deserved peace of mind. 

any case,
whether you can contribute monetarily or not, I
hope everyone will visit the GoFund
me page
to read Brian’s
meticulously detailed account
of  the treatment
journey Donna will be on for the
next two months. It requires trips
back and forth (with a helper)
between Donna’s

home in Arizona and the treatment
facility in San Diego.  It will
not be an easy gauntlet to run but
we can all make it a little bit
just by dropping Donna a
note, or leaving a post, telling her
what she means to us and how 
much we are rooting for her in this
battle!  A positive attitude

and support from an Army of
are the most powerful
weapons anyone could have in the
kind of fight Donna is in now. 

to right): Donna’s friends Mike
Robertson and Brian Gilbert 
with Donna Adams (Mahony) on a
recent visit to her Arizona home.

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