Day 1 at NamesCon.Online Delivered Excellent Content on a Versatile
Trouble Free Platform

Day 1 at NamesCon.Online Delivered Excellent Content on a Versatile Trouble Free Platform

After they set the stage for the show’s
agenda, there was a brief session that told viewers how to navigate
the site and take advantage of special areas like the Networking
, Exhibitors/Partners Area, the Social Wall
and even a spot for ongoing Contests.

With so much going on I decided to
watch the Keynote Hall sessions live today. A great thing
about this online format is that all of the sessions on every
track are being recorded and will be available for replay until
the end of September
. That is a great value add for the already
low $59 registration
that insures you won’t have to miss a single session if you
don’t want to. It will allow me to go back and watch all of the Breakout
and America’s Track sessions I didn’t get to see
today (I will tell you what those covered below).

NamesCon.Online’s first
panel discussion (above) provided a great overview of The State of
the Domain Industry
. It featured, clockwise from the top left,
moderator Bill Sweetman, Paul Nicks (GoDaddy), Matt
(Bodis) and Karn Jajoo (Radix). While many
industries have been decimated by the current Covid-19 pandemic, the
opposite has happened to the domain industry. Most corners of this
business have been thriving as homebound individuals and the
businesses that serve them have been forced to turn to the Internet
to meet a wide variety of needs that brick and mortar can no longer
deliver in this new age of social distancing. Paul, Matt and Karn
all reported double (and even triple) digit increases in business,
customers and traffic
to their companies this year.

The next session delved into
Ethics and Best Practices in Domain Brokerage, a fresh topic
that provided a lot of insight into issues domain buyers and sellers
need to be aware of when they get involved in transactions that can
run into six and seven figures. You need to know who you are
dealing with and that you have protected yourself legally. This panel
featured, clockwise from top left, veteran broker Tessa Holcomb
who also masterfully served as moderator, Bill Sweetman (Name
Ninja), attorney Zak Muscovitch (, Clara Wade
(, Dan Adamson (GoDaddy).

The next panel provided the
deepest dive I’ve seen on How to Value SEO Domains. A lot of
domain investors haven’t paid attention to the relationship between
and SEO metrics and domain values and I have to admit I had no idea of
the complexity involved in mastering this field. The
amount of  data (and ability to correctly interpret that data)
and research required sent me away from this session with a much
deeper respect for the people who excel at it. They included,
clockwise from moderator Braden Pollock (at top left) are
Jason Hennessey
(Hennessey Digital), Kalin Karakehayov (
and  Sean Markey (SEM).

NamesCon Online continued to
roll out fresh topics when four of the industry’s most successful
domain investors sat down, not to talk about their successes, but
their regrets about The One That Got Away! Panelists, clockwise
form top left, Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing), Amma
(afterTHOUGHT), Adam Strong (Stronger Inc.) and Andrew
(ATM Holdings, Inc.) have all made blockbuster sales 
but their stories also revealed gems that slipped through their
fingers.  One interesting fact that came out was that Andrew was
the first domainer to own and Ammar was the last
domainer who had his hands on it. (Ammar does still have his hands on
his share of beer, just not! Andrew was also one of the
early owners of Bsed on the comments this session
generated, the audience really loved hearing their stories.

Also having a great story to
tell was Shane Cultra (, at right above with
interviewer Bill Sweetman. Shane was able to speak from
experience about Domaining as a Side Business and Supporting a More
Remote Lifestyle
. Shane’s primary business is a large and very
successful plant nursery
that has been in his family for five generations! He got into
domaining on a part time basis a decade ago and kept plowing profits
from his sales into better domains and higher profits. It is amazing
how he has balanced his family business, domain business and passion
for running so successfully – and to top it off, he is one of nicest
guys in this business. If you missed the live session today you will
want to be sure to watch the replay.

I wrapped up the day by
watching super domain broker Kate Buckley (Buckley Media) talk
about an entirely different topic in the closing session in the
Breakout Hall. We all know how good domains create great brands but do
you know what it takes to take your own identity from good to great?
Kate told everyone how it can be done in a spellbinding talk titled Brand
Yourself: How to Create a Compelling Narrative Around Your Personal
. This is another session that will be available to replay until the
end of September and should not be missed.

I will also be pulling up the earlier sessions in the Breakout Hall that
featured Dynadot’s Todd Han (Dynadot Aftermarket & Auction
Updates), FLATsite COO Michiel Grotenhuis (The Secret to Static
WordPress Sites: Faster, More Secure and Inexpensive), Warbi Inc’s
Robert Jacobi
(Expanding the Domain Market), DNAdvisor’s Jason
(Outbound Strategies 101: Everything You Need to Know to
Sell Your Domain Names Proactively) and Radix’s Karn Jajoo (New TLDs
and the New Normal). I’m also looking forward to taking in the premium
Domain Investing
sessions that DNAcademy mastermind Michael Cyger
presented in the America’s Track room.

Another very busy day is coming
up Thursday (September 10) when three new tracks
will be added to the three that ran today! There will be a
Europe Track
, a Southeast Asia Track and a FLATsite
. It will again all get started at 11am
U.S. Eastern Time. I’ll be taking a turn in the Keynote
at 11:30am when Giuseppe Graziano (
joins me to talk about The State of the Domain Aftermarket.
If you can make it, we would love to see you (virtually) in
the audience!

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