Buckley Media Announces Major Expansion With Industry Veterans Tess Diaz
and Tim Hargis Joining Executive Team

Buckley Media Announces Major Expansion With Industry Veterans Tess Diaz and Tim Hargis Joining Executive Team

Founder Kate

has been gracing our top domain
sales charts for years now, 
having brokered deals for Rate.com
($725,000), Refi.com, Sleeping.com
and Snoring.com ($500,000 each),
Inspection.com ($335,000),
Advance.com ($300,000) and
countless others in the six-figure
stratosphere. As impressive as
Kate’s track record has been,
Buckley Media entries on the sales
leader boards may multiply
exponentially with her latest move
– the addition of two highly
respected industry veterans
to the domain name brokerage and branding boutique’s executive team. 

Tess Diaz is coming on
board as SVP for Business
after a stellar
run with MediaOptions.com and
eCommerce expert Tim Hargis
has signed on as VP, Premium
to round out a trio
that Ms. Buckley said will be
“laser-focused on growing
Buckley Media’s consultative,
corporate domain services,
partnerships and relationships in both the corporate and startup worlds.”

said the expansion was triggered
by sky rocketing demand for
domain names
, noting, “Tess
and Tim are bringing their
considerable experience to bear at
an inflection point as the
domain market is exploding. Domain
names and digital assets have
become more valuable than ever
during the accelerated digital
brought on by the
COVID-19 pandemic.”

Diaz was a Domain Asset Advisor at
GoDaddy before
becoming  Senior Business
Development Consultant for Media
where she was
responsible for streamlining the
company’s strategy, business
systems and operations and also
brokered many high end domain
sales. In addition, Tess served as
both Executive Producer and Host
for the company’s popular video
podcasts at DomainSherpa.com.

 Kate added, “Tess is
also a successful executive
coach—working with startups,
entrepreneurs, and executives in
business strategy.” 

Diaz said, “Buckley Media’s services augment brand efficacy at
a pivotal time in history, when there is
record demand from companies to maximize their online impact, with increased understanding of the importance of domain name
influence. I’m very proud of all that I’ve achieved and contributed to during my tenure with
Media Options, and excited to begin working alongside the highly talented and collaborative leadership team at Buckley Media.”

Hargis will concentrate on
premium domain brokerage
Buckley Media. He most recently
helped lead the fastest growing
bootstrapped DTC E-Comm brand (Tuft
& Needle
) as VP of
Business Development and Marketing
to over $200 Million in
revenue, before being acquired by Serta-Simmons
in 2018. Kate noted that Tim, as an
active adviser to early stage
startups, was also personally
involved in, and negotiated six
and seven-figure domain name
transactions (including the
acquisition of TN.com for
Tuft & Needle). 

Ms. Buckley
added, “Tim has deep
marketing expertise, and a
hands-on understanding of the
power of domain names to drive
revenue and growth for businesses.
We are thrilled to welcome him to
the leadership team.”

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