A Few Final Notes Before the NamesCon Global Curtain Goes Up Including
Our Conference Coverage Plans

A Few Final Notes Before the NamesCon Global Curtain Goes Up Including Our Conference Coverage Plans




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Few Final Notes Before the NamesCon Global
Curtain Goes Up Including Our Conference
Coverage Plans 

a year of waiting
again it’s showtime! The 7th
annual NamesCon
conference opens Wednesday
(January 29, 2020) in a new city, Austin,
Texas, where it will run
through Saturday. Earlier this month
we published an extensive show
interview with
NamesCon CEO Soeren von Varchmin
and Head of NamesCon Operations Helga
. Before heading out to
Austin I wanted to point out a
couple of major events at the show
that were finalized after that
preview was published. 

One is
a keynote speech from GoDaddy’s
new CEO, Aman
, that is
scheduled for 1pm Thursday
(January 30). Bhutani just took the
reins in September after spending
the past 20 years building his
wealth of technical,
entrepreneurial, managerial, and
leadership experience. He has
expressed a commitment to helping
domain investors, developers and
entrepreneurs realize their visions
on the web. GoDaddy plays such a
large role is so many aspects of
this business, I expect Bhutani’s
address will provide one of the most
important and insightful hours of
the week.

big event that has been a fixture at
NamesCon Global, is the

CEO Aman Bhutani

Women in Domaining
networking gala. That will he held Friday
(January 31) from 6
to 8pm
in the Afilias Lounge
at the show hotel (the downtown
Austin Omni
). There is no charge
but ladies do need to RSVP
for free passes
to the

couple of scenes from one of the Women
in Domaining networking
held at NamesCon Global
during the show’s six-year run in Las
(it is being held in Austin
for the first time this year).

a little “inside baseball”
regarding show coverage. There is
such a busy agenda this year I will
have events to cover not only every
day but every night (with
multiple events
on every weekday
night except one – and that may
change)! I realized that meant I
will have to change my coverage
this year. In the past
I have written and edited complete daily
wrap ups
at night and in morning
hours of the following day while
sessions were going on at the same
time. This year the night hours will
not be available and there is not
enough time the morning after to
write up wall to wall coverage. So,
this year, each morning I will post
a handful of my favorites photos from
the day/night before (starting Wednesday
with some shots from
pre-show social events Tuesday
night). I will do that each day,
then when I am back home after the
conference, I will do a complete
show wrap-up in one big report

will be a big historical advantage
in doing that too. With coverage of
previous shows broken into multiple
daily wrap ups, there are no single
back to those shows (and
providing a long list of daily links
is cumbersome to say the least). So,
With NamesCon Global 2020,
one link will lead to complete
coverage of the conference. No
matter how the sausage gets made,
the conferences are always
enjoyable, rewarding events for me
and I am expecting Austin to rank
right up there with the best!

January 27, 2020)

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